4-person cup

The standard zone uses a 3 person cup. A competent group of handlers can usually move the 3 person cup around a lot. In order to give a different look and make the handler passes more difficult a 4 person cup can be used.

4-person cup preventing the swing

The cup plays fairly loose. The top of the cup almost plays even with the disc, sometimes even cheats towards the sideline. This makes for a very small opening through the cup towards the sideline and for the middle on that side to ignore it and instead cover the zone between the top of the cup and the other top. When the thrower passes the disc back for a dump, the other side of the cup immediately goes to prevent the swing pass and the other people in the cup converge on the dump. The middles play the zones in the obvious holes. The deep does a lot of praying. This is best used for only a few passes. After the offense has lost a bit of yardage one of the top cup players should drop back and play middle middle as the team changes to the standard or rabbit zone defense.

4-person cup preventing the dump

This cup plays fairly tight and forces the disc to the sidelines. The back cup plays person-on-person with the dump denying the disc towards the centre of the field. When the disc is on the sideline the cup changes formation into a hard trap as shown on the right. The middles cover the zones through the obvious holes in the cup. The deep does a lot of praying once again.

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