The Berkeley

Often times the disc will start on the sideline or be moved to the sideline because of the flow. If the defense is forcing the disc to be thrown on the sideline (i.e. trapping), the offense does not have a lot of room with which to work. In this case, a special formation is used to get the disc off the sideline and to break the force. This set up is called a Berkeley. (See figure below.) One player, the berkeley, will initiate his/her cut about ten yards from the disc, even with the thrower. Usually, the berkeley looks to cut towards the dump side of the thrower. Once the throw is made, a person from the stack will cut to the break force side of the field. The berkeley will receive the disc and proceed to throw the disc to the cutter from the stack. If a Berkeley is called, the berkeley cut must get open and the number one priority of the thrower is to get the disc to the berkeley.

The berkeley is lined up even with the disc to allow the thrower to throw the disc on either side of the mark. The berkeley will primarily try to get open for a dump and swing play, but if the sideline is open and so is the berkeley, a pass up the line is also good.
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