Zone Offense

When running a zone offense, looking for and creating open space is still necessary, but patience becomes even more important. There are three different roles for players in the standard zone offense: handler, popper, and long. The handlers work the disc from side to side creating and looking for holes in the defense. The poppers move in the middle of the field, timing their cuts off of the swings by the handlers, hoping to receive passes through the holes in the cup. The longs move along the sidelines. They alternate coming in and going out as the disc leaves and comes towards the sideline that they are on, respectively. (See the figure below.) Once the disc is moved up field, the receiver may quickly look for an easy open pass or (in most cases) be patient and look to dump the disc (the dump is usually available) and the pattern is repeated. (There are other methods as well that you may discover on your own.)

The set up of the standard zone offense is shown on the left. One way for the offense to move is shown on the right. This movement usually begins when the disc is dumped back. If the swings don't happen quickly, the poppers should be moving (usually one following the other through an area) trying to get passes through the holes of the cup.
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