Discussion of Fly Play

This play starts out similar to the setting up of the 3-4 Offense. Either two Handlers or three Handlers can be designated.

On the Pull, all the remaining players run quickly upfield, heading to the far goal line. This has the effect of opening up the middle of the field, and helps eliminate poaches.

When the potential receivers reach about 2/3 of the way to the goal line, one pre-designated receiver does a button hook and cuts back toward the Handlers (while the others keep going). In the meantime, after one or two passes by the Handlers, the next pass will be made to the sole receiver making his/her cut back (see figure).

This play works because of the element of surprise, and because the receiver cutting back has the entire width of the field into which to cut. This play typically results in gaining 10-20 yards in the first one or two passes, and then an additional 30 yards or so with the pass to the sole receiver.

Following the pass to the sole receiver, there should be only 3 (or 4) offensive-defensive pairs in or near the endzone. This would be a good time to spread the field (all to one side, or split the field), and run the Endzone Play. The receiver with the disc should take charge and direct the play from here.

Note: this play will not be effective if the disc goes out of bounds on the pull (in which case the 3-4 Offense is a good bet), or a zone is used by the defense.

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